Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transport is a requirement for many types of cargo, including perishable foods, chemicals, and some electronics. As the best freight forwarders in Australia, 3Sixty offers temperature-controlled transportation that ensures the freshness and quality of your cargo are maintained both while in transit and storage.

Keep Sensitive Items Safe and in Great Condition with Temperature Controlled Shipping and Logistics

Temperature fluctuations of even a degree can wreak havoc on the quality and overall value of your most sensitive cargo. With 3Sixty, you don’t have to worry about fluctuations – we deliver a consistent and controlled temperature-specific service from point of origin to final destination. Our temperature-controlled logistical services are designed for sensitive goods – cosmetic, foodstuffs, and chemicals, that require consistency as well as proper handling. Wave goodbye to spoilage and wasted money. 3Sixty’s rigorous temperature controls are applied to every link of your supply chain.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

3Sixty Logistics’ mission is simple – revolutionize the logistics industry by combining an innovative approach with old-fashioned customer service that ensures we always treat you as a partner, not a number. We achieve the high watermark of exceptional professionalism by maintaining a hand-picked in-house expert team and a strong network of global logistics partners.

Streamlined Temperature
Controlled Logistics for Seamless

Many products require temperature-controlled storage – pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, and perishable goods, to name a few – to ensure they maintain their integrity and overall quality. That’s where 3Sixty’s temperature-controlled storage facilities come into play. Our state-of-the-art warehouses come equipped with measures to control temperature, keep humidity at optimal levels, and contain the various environmental factors that could taint or otherwise damage your sensitive goods. Thus, your business reduces the risk of spoilage affecting your bottom line thanks to a laser-precise service that maximises your product’s shelf life.


This commitment to maintaining optimal conditions extends to our freight forwarding services. 3Sixty offers temperature-controlled air, land, and sea freight – bolstered by modern tracking and monitoring systems – so your goods are kept in ideal conditions when they’re in transit, as well as when they’re in storage.

Comprehensive Temperature Control

Your temperature-sensitive goods need to be handled with care from the moment they leave their point of origin to when they arrive at their destination. To ensure that happens, we work directly with you to determine the optimal temperature at which to store your cargo. From there, we handle the rest. Wave goodbye to spoilage – it won’t be a problem when you work with 3Sixty.

Seamless Cold Chain Management

Cold chain management applies to every aspect of the supply chain, from transit and processing to proper storage. We uphold the highest standards in cold chain logistics so that no link of your supply chain can be responsible for contamination or spoilage of your goods. Consistency is a guide word, and we have the infrastructure to ensure no temperature fluctuations occur at any point.

Expertise in Regulatory Compliance

The regulations and guidelines surrounding temperature-controlled storage are already complex enough before you throw in industry and product-specific guidelines. Navigating that complex web of compliance issues requires a team of experts – one that 3Sixty Logistics provides. We give you peace of mind by minimising the risk of regulatory issues with our in-depth understanding of food safety regulations and chemical storage requirements.

Reliable Temperature-Controlled Transportation

Once your products hit the road, skies, or seas, you need to know that the rigorous temperature-control measures implemented during the warehousing phase are carried on into the freight forwarding process with 3Sixty. Beyond ensuring that the methods of transportation we use for your goods have appropriate controls, we also optimise routes and select carriers from our expansive network who have the expertise needed to properly store and handle your goods while in transit.

Safety and Compliance in Temperature-Controlled Environments

Safety and compliance controls are in place for a simple reason – ensuring your goods are kept in pristine condition so they present no risk to you or your clients. We go beyond offering the highest standards in the industry by implementing risk management strategies and providing you with real-time tracking tools that provide 100% visibility at every stage of the cold chain. Maintain food safety standards, minimise spoilage, and ensure contamination isn’t an issue with 3Sixty’s temperature-controlled logistical solutions.

Efficient Customs Clearance for Fresh Goods

Navigating customs clearance is already a large enough challenge for regular goods. Adding temperature controls to the mix – and the differing policies implemented in each international territory – only enhances that challenge. The 3Sixty team of customs brokers meets those challenges by staying abreast of regulatory conditions and changes, ensuring they’re implemented properly so your goods experience a streamlined and hassle-free route through customs. We expedite the process, minimising delays and getting your products to where they need to be quickly.

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A Hands-On Approach To Customer Service


Stay Compliant and Risk-Free with 3Sixty’s Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Trust is key when dealing with temperature-controlled logistics. Any fault in the cold chain reflects poorly on your business because it leads to contamination of spoilage that leaves customers unsatisfied while cutting into your profits.


3Sixty is your trusted ally in temperature-controlled logistics. We tailor our solutions – from warehousing to transportation – to the specific conditions you need to keep your goods in pristine condition, and we do it all while offering the old-fashioned customer service that’s missing in today’s logistics industry. Take your temperature-controlled solutions to the next level with 3Sixty.