Rail Freight Services

As part of our international freight forward service, 3Sixty ensures your cargo gets on the right track whenever you need to rely on rail freight in the transportation process. Our experts coordinate rail logistics – ensuring your cargo is loaded properly so it can speed to its destination.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

The cornerstone of our rail freight transportation service is the old-fashioned customer service that we promise to our clients. With 3Sixty, you’re more than just a number. You’re a partner – one who we value so much that we work hard to become an extension of your business. Work with us to see what best-in-class customer service really looks like.

Leap Across Long Distances in No Time with Rail Freight Australia

Freight railroads cut a direct path through the massive expanses of Australia, making journeys across long distances faster and more direct than they’d be via road. Better yet, the speed of these journeys results in fewer rest stops for drivers, creating one of the most efficient forms of on-land transportation available.

Cost Efficient

When you’re transporting large volumes of cargo across massive distances, rail freight offers significant cost savings compared to other forms of freight. Economies of scale come into play here – a freight train can carry more than trucks, and that increased volume means you pay less to transport your goods by rail than by road. Efficiency is the key, and 3Sixty can help you unlock the lower per-unit transportation costs that come with rail freight.

Environmentally Sustainable

Compared to other modes of freight – including trucks, planes, and ships – freight rail transport has lower emissions per mile and offers superior fuel efficiency. That cuts down your costs as you pay your carrier less for fuel, but it also means your business plays an active role in reducing its carbon footprint so you can achieve your sustainability goals. With environmental concerns weighing heavy on the minds of many of your customers, choosing 3Sixty’s rail freight services means you also get a marketing tool you can use to showcase your commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

High-Capacity and Scalable

For a business that needs to transport cargo at scale and in large volumes, rail freight transportation is the most effective solution for land-based carrying. It’s the freight option of choice for many industries – including mining, manufacturing, and agriculture – because it’s fast and has the capacity to grow alongside your business. Rail carriers can add more carriages to trains to ensure you’re never forced to split loads and create complexity in your supply chain.

Seamless Intermodal Connectivity for Efficient Global Logistics

Loading and unloading are made simpler thanks to the containers used for rail freight often being compatible with the trucks that transport cargo for road freight. Once your cargo arrives at its final rail stop, it can be transported from there to your warehouse or stockroom. The containers are built using standardized measurements – compatible with most trucks and ocean freight ships – to transform rail terminals and ports into intermodal transfer points that facilitate smooth transitions between different freight solutions.

Domestic and International Rail
Freight Solutions

Whether you’re transporting cargo domestically or internationally, 3Sixty Logistics offers a rail freight solution to suit your needs. Our network of agencies and partners ensures we know the best routes to take within Australia and can handle the complexities of crossing international borders – such as ensuring you have the correct customs documentation – with ease.

Seamless Domestic Transportation by Rail in Australia

Covering over 30,000km of railway lines, Australia’s rail network is a vast beast that isn’t at all easy to navigate. Domestic transportation isn’t a case of picking an origin station, a destination station, and leaving it up to carriers. Proper route management requires expertise that can only come from logistical experts who have access to a domestic network of agents and carriers to ensure your goods always take the best route. 3Sixty are those experts.

Flexible and Reliable Options

At 3Sixty Logistics, we understand that the logistical challenges your business faces are unique to you and your supply chain. That’s why an “off-the-shelf” rail freight solution can never work – it isn’t flexible enough and certainly isn’t tailored to your needs. We offer bespoke rail freight, covering everything from route planning to carrier selection, while offering real-time tracking so you know your goods are being transported safely and will arrive on time.

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Partner with 3Sixty Logistics for Your Rail Freight Needs

Whether you choose rail freight transport, 3Sixty offers the same commitment to all of its clients – a dedication to quality customer service that no other logistics company provides. We combine a traditional people-first approach to our client partnerships with an innovative and flexible approach to logistics that’s designed to deliver what you need. Our network spans the globe. We come equipped with the compliance expertise and understanding of complex rail logistics needed to get your goods delivered safely, on time, and within your budget.