International Freight Services

The international freight forwarding process can become complicated. Not only do you need to choose the best form of transport, but you may have a minefield of customs compliance issues to navigate to get your cargo from A to B. 3Sixty helps with everything from overseas customs compliance to choosing the best routes for your cargo to take.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

Prioritising the customer above all else is the mark of a true freight forwarding company – and it’s a mark that 3Sixty wears proudly because we deliver the old-fashioned customer service that’s missing from today’s industry. That means we’re not just best-in-class as international freight forwarders. We’re also the best logistical partners Australia has to offer for your business.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

Simply offering different modes of transportation isn’t enough to confront the complicated supply chain management challenges that come with international freight forwarding. You need something more comprehensive, and 3Sixty delivers. We deliver transparency, cost savings, and efficiency in every aspect of your supply chain. Inventory management and warehousing. Order fulfilment and distribution. We do it all by leveraging the unrivalled expertise of our team.

Reducing Costs by Leveraging Volume and Our Network

Economies of scale are simple – the more you ship, the less you pay. 3Sixty leverages that simple concept to your advantage by ensuring that we transport in high volumes to create cost savings for our clients. Furthermore, we’ve built an enormous network of international freight agents and supplies, allowing us to negotiate more competitive shipping rates so you pay less than you otherwise would.

Trust Us to Handle Compliance and Customs Issues

Whether you’re shipping goods by land, air, or sea, there’s one challenge that every international company faces – customs and compliance. That’s where 3Sixty comes in. We’re well-versed in every aspect of the customs process – including documentation, regulations, and international customs processes – ensuring your goods experience the smoothest journey possible through overseas territories. We keep your freight compliant, and handle the complexities of customs, so you can focus on your business knowing that you have a streamlined international freight process.

Seamless Freight
Forwarding Services

At 3Sixty Logistics, we pool our in-depth knowledge and access to an array of transportation modes – including international air freight and international sea freight – to deliver seamless logistical solutions. We take the complexity out of carrying cargo from country to country. Whether you choose air, sea, rail, or road freight, we handle planning, monitoring, and delivery with laser-sharp precision.

International Air Freight

Speed, reliability, and efficiency – those are the three cornerstones of 3Sixty’s international air freight solution. We combine these three – along with leveraging our network or airline partners and our in-house expertise – to ensure your cargo reaches its destination with speed and precision. We make it seamless, regardless of whether you’re shipping small parcels or large-scale cargo, and you get access to a dedicated team that takes you through every step of the process. Trust us to create a seamless air freight solution that covers everything from customs clearance and compliance documentation to tracking your cargo whether it’s on land or in the air.

International Sea Freight

The vastness of the world’s oceans can make finding the most streamlined sea freight routes difficult. That’s where 3Sixty comes in – we offer ocean freight shipping that’s tailored to your company’s needs in terms of routing, transit times, and efficiency. In other words, we understand the best ocean-bound routes to take when transporting your cargo from origin to destination, ensuring there’s not a single wasted nautical mile in the route. When your cargo arrives at port, we handle the compliance, customs, and unloading challenges so you have the peace of mind to carry on conducting business while knowing your goods are going to where they need to be.

Freight Forwarding in the USA, China, Australia, and the UK

The 3Sixty global logistics network spans continents – from Sydney to North America – giving us a presence in every major international trade hub. Those partnerships give us (and you, by extension) a strong presence in China, the U.S., and the U.K., as well as in Australia, ensuring a seamless global freight solution. Plus, we handle all of the challenges that come with shipping internationally. Customs requirements, compliance issues, and documentation accuracy all fall under the 3Sixty scope, and we have the knowledge and expertise to cater our freight services to the most important people in the world – our clients.

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Partner with 3Sixty Logistics for Exceptional Customer Service

Since 2017, 3Sixty has made it our mission to deliver good old-fashioned customer service combined with innovative solutions to complex logistical problems. Our freight forwarders (Australia and worldwide) follow that mission by offering the right combination of cost-effective services, personalisation, and compliance to ensure your freight gets to its destination. We’re your go-to partners for freight forwarding, and our dedicated team delivers the personalised solutions that tackle even the most complex of global freight challenges.