Manufacturing Logistics

Keep Your Supply Chain Strong With Logistics Management and Services From 3Sixty

As a manufacturing company, you serve as the all-important middle link in your supply chain. You need reliable freight and transportation providers to ship raw materials into your company, ship them out to warehouses and suppliers, and potentially even store your products until they’re ready to move on to your customers. You need a partner that confronts these logistical challenges. 3Sixty is that partner.

Safe and Reliable Transportation Regardless of Product Type

Versatility is one of 3Sixty’s strongest suits as we’re able to offer freight forwarding and transportation for goods in the electronics, automotive, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries, to name just a few. As your trusted logistics partners, we give you access to a globe-spanning network of carriers and agents who optimize your routes and ensure your goods ship in vehicles appropriate to them. Whether you’re transporting fragile components or sensitive electronics, oversized equipment or hazardous substances, we offer the logistical solutions your business needs.

Warehouse Your Goods as You Prepare to Distribute

In addition to offering freight forwarding by land, sea, and air, 3Sixty ensures you always have access to storage solutions tailored to the needs of your products. Our warehouses – located in many of the world’s leading trading hubs – become your bases of operations, and are staffed by expert personnel who have access to temperature controls and real-time inventory tracking solutions. The result is simple – a seamless flow from production to customer, with warehousing in between that can adjust to your demands and offer complete visibility within your manufacturing supply chain.

Strengthen Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing

Manufacturers deal with suppliers, vendors, internal transportation, and shipping their products to customers when managing their supply chains. By combining 3Sixty’s project logistics planning with our supply chain management services (which include freight and warehousing), you don’t have to worry about weak links in your chain compromising your company.

Clear Customs with Ease

As a manufacturing company, you already know how difficult it is to navigate through the maze of domestic customs regulations you must meet just to ship your goods around Australia. Add international shipping into the mix – with each country having its own customs criteria – and you face an even bigger challenge as you grapple with the intricacies of each country’s documentation. Let 3Sixty handle all of that for you. Our customs brokers not only secure permits and help you to complete documentation, but also stay ahead of the game when it comes to the constant evolutions in customs criteria occurring in each country. We streamline the customs clearance process to ensure your goods flow smoothly from their point of origin, across borders, and to their final destination.

Our Industries

Expert, industry-specific logistics tailored to your needs with best-in-class customer service.

As your automotive freight forwarder, 3Sixty safely transports everything from auto parts to entire vehicles. We also handle customs clearance, ensuring your automotive goods don’t get held up because you’ll have all of the documentation and permits you need.

When you’re tasked with delivering life-saving pharmaceuticals to patients as quickly as possible, you need a freight forwarding partner that offers seamless service. Enter 3Sixty Global Logistics – our international network of partners and suppliers handles the most delicate of pharmaceutical products.

Overcoming delays that could lead to spoilage is one of your primary concerns as an agricultural business. With our freight forward company, transportation is seamless. We handle storage and transport – including refrigerated transportation when needed – to ensure the easy movement of your products from farm to table.

When you’re transporting delicate electronics, you need the best international freight forwarder to serve as your partner. By leveraging our fragile freight service, 3Sixty ensures that proper shipping practices are always applied, even to the most sensitive of electronic equipment.

It’s not just what you mine that is valuable cargo in the mining sector. The equipment you use is just as valuable, with the transportation of both requiring you to find a reliable company that understands the challenges inherent in mining freight. 3Sixty is that company.

With ever-growing competition from in-store and online fashion retailers, you need a freight forwarder that plans every link in your supply chain. That’s 3Sixty – we handle planning, shipment coordination, and freight forwarding so you’re able to deliver the latest fashions to customers while they’re still trendy.

3Sixty offers retail goods transport globally and domestically, with experts in place to coordinate your shipments so they pass through customs seamlessly. With our freight and forwarding, you guarantee that you’re always fully stocked and ready to serve customers as soon as they place their orders.

Manufacturing companies often occupy the middle links in supply chains – suppliers and vendors rely on you to handle the shipping of raw materials and finished products. With the 3Sixty experts by your side to manage industrial logistics, you ensure you play a crucial role in the supply chain.

A Hands-On Approach To Customer Service


Set the Stage for Growth in Your Manufacturing Business with 3Sixty Logistics

At 3Sixty Global Logistics, we aim to be so much more than a service provider to your manufacturing business. We’re your partners. Acting as extensions of your business, we deliver good old-fashioned customer service and focus on optimising your supply chain – from freight forwarding to customs clearance – so your goods get to where they need to be on time and on budget. Our service is tailored to your specific challenges so you maintain your competitive edge in the difficult manufacturing industry.