Customs Clearance Agent

There’s one job we task to our customs clearance agents – clear customs. That may sound simple. But in international freight, you may have to comply with several different countries and their customs regulations to keep your cargo moving. Our professionals manage customs documentation to ensure your goods sail through every check they’re subjected to.

Focus on Your Business Instead of Complicated Customs Issues

As a business owner, you already have enough work on your plate without having to deal with constantly changing customs rules, domestically or abroad. You have people to manage, products to develop, and customers to keep happy. Keep your focus on those three things and allow our customs clearance service – facilitated by experienced agents – to handle your compliance and documentation needs.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

Professionalism is key in the customs department – any deviation from what’s expected could lead to a delay for your cargo. At 3Sixty, we handle the compliance side, ensuring every customs document needed to facilitate your goods getting to their destination is accurate and completed to the standards that authorities expect. We do that while keeping our focus on the old-fashioned customer service that sets us apart. We don’t just handle your documentation. We keep you informed – every step of the way – and serve as your global partners to ensure customs is never an issue for your cargo.

Australia's Trusted Customs Broker

Expertise in Customs Regulations

Customs procedures evolve constantly, both domestically and internationally, so you can never assume that what worked in the past will work today. Every licensed customs broker at 3Sixty understands this and has first-hand experience in adapting their work to meet the ever-changing demands of the Australian Border Force. We streamline your processes by ensuring your documentation meets today’s compliance standards so you avoid headaches in freight transportation.

Seamless Handling of Documentation

Pinpoint accuracy is the key to successful completion of customs paperwork, as even the smallest of mistakes can lead to untold delays for your goods. Rather than handling those extensive paperwork requirements yourself, trust 3Sixty to do it for you. We’re well-versed in Australian customs regulations and have a network of international suppliers and carriers to support us when streamlining your processes so your global shipments aren’t delayed. From creation to submission, and verification to communicating directly with customs officials, we handle the entire process.

Efficient Customs Procedures and Time Savings

Every minute that you spend filling out customs documentation and partaking in discussions with officials is a minute that you can’t spend on your business or its customers. All of those customs complexities create headaches – swallowing up your valuable time – and can lead to costly supply chain disruptions. With 3Sixty Logistics, you get an extension of your team that delivers the customs expertise and process knowledge that ensures your cargo sails through customs checks, giving you a competitive edge over companies that try to confront customs challenges as they arise.

Customs Consultations and Compliance

Regulatory changes can throw a spanner into the works of even the most efficient customs clearance processes. You need to stay on top of compliance changes as they happen so you’re never left waiting on cargo that’s been delayed in transit because of an avoidable oversight. 3Sixty’s customs consultation service – which covers regulatory changes, duty rates, taxes, and import/export restrictions – keeps your processes updated so you avoid the delays and financial penalties that come with failure to comply.

Streamlined Border Protection and Security

The security and protection of your cargo as it passes through customs is our top priority, which is why we work closely with the Australian Border Force to ensure your shipments comply with all current regulations. We apply the same approach to international shipments – aided by our international network of partners – so your cargo isn’t interfered with as a result of documentation, verification, or communication issues. Smooth transit is our goal, and it’s one that benefits you in terms of saved money and fewer delays.

Personalised Service and Dedicated Support

With a customs broker from 3Sixty, you don’t just get an administrative expert who understands the ins and outs of current regulations. You get eyes and ears on the ground. An expert who guides your goods through the entire customs process while serving as an extension of your team who provides personalised support so you always know what’s happening with your shipments. That support includes active confrontation of compliance, security, and delivery challenges. It also means you have peace of mind – you know that you have a dedicated agent who’s understanding of customs procedures ensures your goods are always protected.

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Partner with 3Sixty Logistics for Your Customs Clearance Needs

Dedicated support, expert knowledge of domestic and international customs procedures, and hassle-free customs services all fall under the remit of a licensed customs broker from 3Sixty. We’re your partners in compliance, your compadres in customs, who have the expertise to handle security and documentation issues – domestically and abroad – so your shipments make it through their checks without delays.