Marine Cargo Insurance

Even the most reliable freight forward company needs to ensure its clients are prepared in case the word happens. That’s where cargo insurance comes in – our professionals coordinate cargo insurance so your goods have the coverage they need.

Protect Your Cargo by Land, Sea, or Air with 3Sixty’s Comprehensive Cargo Insurance

With cargo insurance, you protect your business from the unexpected bumps in the road that can occur in transit, such as extreme weather and unforeseen incidents with other drivers. Get full coverage from 3Sixty to safeguard your cargo and build a more resilient supply chain.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

The best quality service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals who understand your business and the specific challenges you face when transporting cargo. That’s why 3Sixty handpicks every member of our team – including the members of our global supply network – to exceed your expectations of what a logistics supplier should be.

Ensure Your Goods Are Covered in Transit with Cargo Insurance

Protect Your Cash Flow from Unforeseen Circumstances

Every shipment you make is an investment of time and money. Losing a shipment due to unforeseen circumstances could have a drastic effect on your bottom line, especially if that shipment contains high-value goods. Cargo insurance protects your cash flow even when you lose your cargo.

Mitigate the Risks Inherent in Freight Forwarding and Logistics

While your logistics company will take every possible measure to protect your shipment in transit, external factors can cause unexpected challenges. Mitigating those risks is essential, which is where a cargo insurance policy from 3Sixty comes in.


Whether you need rail, air, road, or marine cargo insurance, we can develop a policy that offers complete coverage for your cargo from the moment it leaves its point of origin to when it arrives at its ultimate destination. That policy protects you from the losses and damages that can occur due to issues such as unexpected weather events and driver error.

Lower Your Risk with a Tailored Insurance Policy

There’s no such thing as a cargo insurance policy that covers every type of shipment. So, we tailor your policy – ensuring it caters to the specific needs of your cargo – to protect against risks ranging from physical damage and cargo theft to liability concerns and the elements. With our team of insurance experts by your side, you’ll get a full risk assessment and recommendations for the type of customised policy that best protects your freight.

Compliance with Institute Cargo Clauses and International Standards

In cargo insurance, institute cargo clauses specific precisely what is (and isn’t) covered as part of your policy. 3Sixty tailors your coverage by creating relevant and compliance clauses to protect your goods while they’re in transit. Plus, we ensure every policy we create meets international standards, so you’re never left without protection, no matter how far your cargo goes.

Minimise Financial Losses and Liabilities

In the unfortunate event of the loss or damage of your cargo, your tailored insurance policy minimises your financial losses. Depending on the specific policy you create with us, that minimisation can extend to covering the cost of the goods you’ve lost and protecting you from legal liability issues that may arise due to incidents that occur during transit.

Streamlining the Claims Process

Should you need to make a claim, 3Sixty makes its claims resolution team available to guide you through every step of the process. Our team’s goal is simple – streamline your claim by assisting you with the legal documentation and ongoing support you’ll need to reach an appropriate resolution as quickly as possible. Minimising disruption is key – the faster you reach a resolution, the faster you can continue with your logistical operations.

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A Hands-On Approach To Customer Service

Partner with 3Sixty for Your Cargo Insurance Needs

The good old-fashioned customer service that 3Sixty brings to every aspect of its service is in full force when you work with us to create a cargo insurance policy. We deliver expertise, acting as an extension of your team that understands your business and the specific level of protection it needs to guard against the unforeseen. Speak to our insurance experts today to discuss your requirements and get protection for your cargo.