Air Freight Services

Take to the skies with an air freight forwarder who understands that air freight is about so much more than simply loading cargo onto a plane. Our professionals manage air shipments meticulously by building relationships with suppliers, allocating appropriate space for your cargo, and ensuring rapid turnaround times.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

There’s something missing from the modern air freight industry – the old-fashioned customer service from companies that treat you as valued partners rather than numbers on a spreadsheet. 3Sixty transforms the industry by making customer service the foundation of what we do. Everything builds up from the partnerships we form with our clients.

Get Your Air Cargo From A-to-B Faster

When speed is of the essence, transporting cargo via road or sea just isn’t going to cut it. Air freight is the fastest way to get your goods to their destination, with air freight companies like 3Sixty capable of offering 24-hour turnaround times in many cases. If you have a time-sensitive delivery, take to the skies with 3Sixty and expedite your air cargo shipments so they reach their intended destination as fast as possible.

Reliable and Secure Air Freight Options

The stringent safety measures 3Sixty implements – which include advanced tracking systems and proper packing and containment – ensure your cargo is protected when it’s in the skies. Our focus on safety doesn’t end there. We protect the integrity of your cargo throughout the entire logistical process so you don’t have to worry about receiving damaged goods.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

Optimisation of your supply chain is one of the keys to creating a streamlined international shipping process. We understand that, which is why we built out supply chain management expertise into our air freight service, ensuring all of the pieces – from planning to physical transport – fit together as they should. Beyond simply transporting goods, we offer warehousing, inventory management, distribution, and order fulfilment – every link in your supply chain is covered so you have greater visibility and achieve more cost savings.

Compliant and Customs-Oriented Air Freight

International air freight involves shipping cargo between countries, which comes with the added complication of dealing with each country’s customs and compliance regulations. Navigating those regulations can feel like stepping through a minefield – what might be fine for domestic shipping may not work when you ship to another country. At 3Sixty, our professionals are well-versed in the customs and compliance requirements of every major global transportation hub. The result is that your cargo won’t get stuck in customs because your air freight shipping company has made sure to dot every “I” and cross every “T.”

Leveraging Volume – And Our Network – To Reduce Your Costs

When you ship more, you pay less, and that example of economies of scale in action is something that 3Sixty leverages to benefit your business. We draw upon our extensive global network – including airlines, agents, and our other air freight partners – to negotiate competitive rates while taking advantage of our already-high shipping volumes to keep your costs low.

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Partner With 3Sixty Logistics for Your Air Freight Shipment Needs

When your cargo needs to take to the skies, you can feel confident that it’ll do so safely and with minimal fuss when you work with 3Sixty Global Logistics. We’re compliance experts. We have a huge network of international shipping partners, and we offer something that no other air freight forwarder in Australia offers – a true partnership with your business. Experience the difference of working with an air logistics provider that combines expertise with good old-fashioned customer service.