Mining Logistics

Overcome Infrastructure Issues With 3Sixty’s Energy and Mining Freight and Logistical Services

The emergence of new forms of energy, such as biofuels, hydrogen, and industrial gases, means that the age-old energy and mining transportation infrastructure requires change. As a forward-thinking and innovative company, 3Sixty is prepared to confront those changes to help your business rise to the challenge of transporting new materials and energy supplies.


Our customer-centric approach means we partner with you to understand precisely what you need from a logistics partner. From there, we tailor our services to ensure your materials are stored correctly during transit and arrive at their destination within strict deadlines.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

Good old-fashioned customer service. It’s the one thing that’s missing in so many aspects of the logistical sector, which is why 3Sixty dedicates itself to bringing personalised service back. By combining that service with innovative “deconstruct the box” thinking, we help your mining company to confront – and overcome – the unique challenges it faces in global logistics.

Streamline Your Energy
& Mining Supply Chain

As the need to improve efficiency in your logistical processes rises, you need new ways to store and distribute your energy or mining products. 3Sixty warehousing and distribution services provide you with a base from which you can transport raw materials easily, alongside our freight services that offer air, sea, and land-based transportation options.

Timely Delivery to Engineers or Point of Use

Transporting raw materials or energy supplies is about so much more than ensuring the right conditions. Speed is of the essence. Engineers, manufacturers, and energy suppliers need to receive their materials quickly to ensure they can provide their services to customers. 3Sixty makes sure that happens.

Drive Efficiency to Counteract Fluctuations in Commodity Prices

Mining operations face enough challenges without having to worry about fluctuations in commodity prices eating into their bottom lines. When those fluctuations aren’t working in your favour, you need an efficient supply chain that keeps costs as low as possible so you get higher uptime and more efficient transportation. 3Sixty works with you to improve efficiency across the board so market factors have less impact on your services.

Efficient Cargo Shipping

Transportation that can handle heavy loads efficiently is the key in the mining industry, as you have machinery, raw materials, and your finished products to ship. 3Sixty combines hand-picked experts with access to all of the resources your mining company needs. Our experts work alongside our expansive network of carriers and partners – which spans the globe – to plot the most efficient routes and select the best modes of transportation for your goods. When combined with state-of-the-art real-time tracking systems, offering you 100% visibility during transit, you get complete control in every stage of the shipping process.

Specialised Services for Heavy Machinery

As powerful as your heavy machinery may seem when it’s in action, you know that it’s comprised of many sensitive parts that require great precision during transportation. Whether it’s heavy-lift, towage, break bulk, or stevedoring, 3Sixty provides that precision along with access to the versatile modes of transportation you need to meet the unique transit challenges faced in the mining industry. We tailor your solution to your business, meeting every one of your mining transportation needs in the process.

Customs Clearance and Safe Warehousing

Whether you’re transporting goods domestically or overseas, you’ll face customs challenges along the way. A 3Sixty customs broker helps, delivering the expertise and first-hand work on documentation and permits you need for your goods to sail through customs without hitting any obstacles. If you need storage, we deliver that, too. Our secure warehousing facilities – located all over the world – offer climate controls and trained personnel who know how to store and move your most valuable assets.

Our Industries

Expert, industry-specific logistics tailored to your needs with best-in-class customer service.

As your automotive freight forwarder, 3Sixty safely transports everything from auto parts to entire vehicles. We also handle customs clearance, ensuring your automotive goods don’t get held up because you’ll have all of the documentation and permits you need.

When you’re tasked with delivering life-saving pharmaceuticals to patients as quickly as possible, you need a freight forwarding partner that offers seamless service. Enter 3Sixty Global Logistics – our international network of partners and suppliers handles the most delicate of pharmaceutical products.

Overcoming delays that could lead to spoilage is one of your primary concerns as an agricultural business. With our freight forward company, transportation is seamless. We handle storage and transport – including refrigerated transportation when needed – to ensure the easy movement of your products from farm to table.

When you’re transporting delicate electronics, you need the best international freight forwarder to serve as your partner. By leveraging our fragile freight service, 3Sixty ensures that proper shipping practices are always applied, even to the most sensitive of electronic equipment.

It’s not just what you mine that is valuable cargo in the mining sector. The equipment you use is just as valuable, with the transportation of both requiring you to find a reliable company that understands the challenges inherent in mining freight. 3Sixty is that company.

With ever-growing competition from in-store and online fashion retailers, you need a freight forwarder that plans every link in your supply chain. That’s 3Sixty – we handle planning, shipment coordination, and freight forwarding so you’re able to deliver the latest fashions to customers while they’re still trendy.

3Sixty offers retail goods transport globally and domestically, with experts in place to coordinate your shipments so they pass through customs seamlessly. With our freight and forwarding, you guarantee that you’re always fully stocked and ready to serve customers as soon as they place their orders.

Manufacturing companies often occupy the middle links in supply chains – suppliers and vendors rely on you to handle the shipping of raw materials and finished products. With the 3Sixty experts by your side to manage industrial logistics, you ensure you play a crucial role in the supply chain.

A Hands-On Approach To Customer Service


Mining Logistics That Set the Stage for Growth with 3Sixty

From consultancy to planning, surveys to project management, 3Sixty handles every aspect of your mining logistics so you can focus on more important business. With us, you get so much more than a supplier. You get a partner – one that can offer on-site supervisors, strategic planning, and ongoing coordination with an emphasis on the old-fashioned customer service that’s so sorely lacking in the logistics industry. Get in touch. Operational success that lays the foundations for your mining business to grow awaits.