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Planning, management, and coordination – those are the three ingredients that go into the project logistics recipe. As the best freight forwarder in Australia, you can trust 3Sixty to manage transportation so your cargo arrives on time, every time.

Great Customer Service Starts and Ends with Professionalism

When it comes to project logistics, we offer all of the tech and the “deconstruct-the-box” thinking that your business could ever need. We combine it with something important – something that has been missing from logistics for too long – good old-fashioned customer service. To us, the mark of true professionals is an unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients get precisely what they need.

Australia’s Trusted Project Logistics Experts

Seamless Project Logistics Solutions

With our logistics company in Australia, you get a solution that’s seamless and tailored to your company’s specific needs. There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions with 3Sixty. Everything we do, from supply chain management to freight forwarding and customs clearance, is backed by expertise and the strength of our global network of partners. From start to finish, we coordinate complex shipments and ensure you have complete visibility in the process every step of the way.

Reliable Global Supply Chain Management

A single kink in your supply chain can cause delays that ripple throughout the chain. You can’t allow that to happen, which is why you need a project logistics company that has trustworthy partners around the globe. That’s 3Sixty. Our network – which spans from Southeast Asia to North America – allows us to seamlessly create links in your supply chain across continents, and with our industry-leading warehousing solutions, you get international “hubs” for your deliveries.

Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Services

3Sixty handles every aspect of the freight forwarding process on your behalf. That starts with the initial planning – route and carrier selection – and extends to the ongoing coordination and final execution of your delivery. Leveraging the combined forces of our delivery teams and customs brokers, we ensure your goods comply with domestic and international regulations so you don’t have to worry about delays resulting from being held up in customs. Whether you’re shipping by land, sea, or air, we know how to optimise your freight forwarding network.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Safety protocols are a priority in every logistical situation. We adhere to industry standards and regulations, as you should expect, but we take things a step further by providing you with advanced tracking systems designed to provide you with real-time insight into what’s happening with your cargo. Combine that with our bespoke risk management strategies that minimise potential disruptions in your supply chain and you have a project logistics team that offers the highest levels of security and reliability in the industry.

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A Hands-On Approach To Customer Service


Partner with 3Sixty for Your Logistics Needs

The global logistics landscape evolves constantly, meaning the logistical solutions you have today may not work tomorrow. 3Sixty was founded under the knowledge that our clients expect (and deserve) a logistics company that stays on top of changes in compliance, technology, and innovation to deliver exceptional service. Our commitment is to redefine what “excellence” means in the supply chain and logistics sectors. That redefinition starts with our commitment to a client-first, personalised service.